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February 8, 2019, 8:45 AM

We Believe... A Revision to the Back Page of our Bulletin

Most churches that print a bulletin include some sort of welcome statement and instructions for worship including how to receive communion or request prayers.  Often, this goes unnoticed by worshippers or if it is noticed, it can feel overly directive--"go here, place a card there, see this person for help..."  But the reality is that such statements are simply instructions based on beliefs that center the community.  So a few weeks ago, we restructured some of our welcoming language around our beliefs to show how these beliefs are lived out in worship.  Here is the end result:

TO OUR FIRST TIME WORSHIPPERS, WELCOME!  We believe God calls us to be welcoming to all.  Being in a new church can be nerve-wracking to say the least.  If you are unsure where something is or how something goes, please ask.  We want to make sure you feel welcome.  We also invite you to complete the yellow “Visitor Information” card by the time of the offering and put it in the offering plate.  We promise not to flood your inbox with emails or mailbox with postcards!

We believe God invites you to the table.  The Sacrament of Holy Communion is available to all baptized Christians who recognize in the Sacrament the true body and blood of our Lord. Children who commune in their home congregations are welcome to the table. Anyone who has difficulty coming forward to receive communion may receive it at their seat. Please inform an usher of your need.

We believe worship should be open for all.  Hearing devices and large-print bulletins are available from the ushers for those with special needs.

We believe children belong in worship. Children’s worship kits and instructions are available in the narthex (a church term for the entrance area) to allow children to participate in worship.  If a child becomes restless and their guardians decide there is a need to remove the child from church, a staffed nursery is available down the hallway.

We believe faith formation is for all ages.  Christian Education is available during the school year for everyone two years old through adults.

We believe God calls us to pray as a community.  Prayer requests may be made by filling out a prayer request card and placing it in the offering plate, or contacting the prayer team leader for the month—see an announcement sheet for their contact information.


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