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February 7, 2019, 11:00 PM

Rise Up Campaign Introduction

As one of the 115 congregations in the Southeast Michigan Synod we partner with other congregations and the Synod staff to assist us in our ministries here in Grand Blanc. Our connection to the Synod is one way we learn from others and share resources. When we walk together, we witness to the Kingdom of God in a wonderful way. As we look for new opportunities to reach our community, provide resources for ministry, and raise up new leaders here and across the church, the Synod is one of our key partners.

We now find ourselves in a time very different than when most congregations in the Synod—including Holy Spirit— were founded. Our neighborhoods have changed, the economy of Southeast Michigan has changed, demographics have changed, even the place of Christianity in America has changed. Many of congregations in our Synod find themselves struggling with how to transition to vibrant ministry in this new day.

To help address these concerns, the Southeast Michigan Synod has launched an initiative entitled “Rise Up!”  This capital campaign has a goal of 1.25 million dollars, and the good news is that we are already 2/3rds of the way to the goal!  And the majority of the money raised will come right back to help congregations better reach out to their communities to proclaim the Gospel.

In fact, after we conduct this campaign in the coming weeks, we can apply for a grant to help launch a new ministry initiative through the Southeast Michigan Synod. So, in many ways, we will be investing in ourselves through this effort.

This week in worship, we will share a video highlighting the goals of the Rise Up! campaign, and over the coming weeks, we will explain the campaign further using a variety of bulletin inserts, temple talks and other resources.  Together, we can Rise Up! and respond to God’s call to make disciples as we proclaim God’s love to the world!

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